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Living in a RC9GN nightmare! send help! WARNING: I reblog a lot of insects all tagged #bug so U can blacklist it. hit me up if you need some other critter/disturbing thing tagged.
I dont tag tv shows tho.

i wonder if rewatching ranma is going to last me the whole of august. i hope it does.

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Ryoga Hibiki

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I don’t get much time to draw for myself these days, so instead of going to bed last night I stayed up and had wine and drew poses from Sia’s Chandelier video. The video’s dancer is amazing. I wish I could have captured her energy better. Also I need to draw hands and feet more, I’m pretty rusty.

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That one time Nozaki and Mikorin binge played a dating game and decided the main character should have ended up with his best friend instead.

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k sure i really dig this guy’s design and hes been popping up all over my dash so w/e

he reminds me a bit of billie joe armstrong i guess its the tie

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electronicsnowy replied to your post: weinerman-tested: short dumb weinerha…

uuu this is really good, also very in character! .w.

AWW thanks!! ^V^ i appreciate that a lot OTL howards very hard for me to write

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