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Living in a RC9GN nightmare! send help! WARNING: I reblog a lot of insects all tagged #bug so U can blacklist it. hit me up if you need some other critter/disturbing thing tagged.
I dont tag tv shows tho.


A buncha great Clarence title cards By Andrew Overtoom /assisted by Heather Navarro ! 

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Ok I stared at this for too long I still don’t understand the last sentence aM I AN IDIOT? IS IT BECAUSE OF CUNNINGHAM? IS IT INFECTIOUS? *SOBS*

FACT: watching rc9gn makes you stupider. thats the 308th thing i love about it

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i remember the goat that used to go BULULULULU

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The adventures of Fluffy Goat in Xiahe, China.

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Important reason to buy Randy Cunningham if you’re unsure: You get it in HD and see wonderful details like Norisu 9 symbol sparks in “Evil Spirit Week”

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oh RC9GN how i love thee? let me count the ways

four hundred and ninety seven..

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Uncle Grandpa is hilarious and you’re wrong if you think otherwise.

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its so hilarious hahah with that stephen hawking expy

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