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wuh im dizzy 


doodling in class more like

there’s a lot of stuff the nomicon did tho that i still find kinda… iffy… 

What I thought about the NinjaNomicon.


I remember when I used to see the NinjaNomicon as a kind of scary book with lots of mysteries and dark ninja magic at its deeper pages…

I used to see the NinjaNomicon like the NecroNomicon k?

Idek I just thought in frightening ideas about that book when I started watching the show.

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oh ma hhaha its fun to wonder about the nomicon being evil, just cuz it has so much power over randy. 

I do still find it a bit unreliable, tho not evil,. it has a duty and it does it. it’s teaching methods are a bit aggressive to me, tho probably cuz the book’s dated (spare the rod, spoil the child and all that shiz) 

in japanese mythology there’s yokai that are basically just an object that lasted 100 years and came to life, since the nomicon is like 800/1600 years old I sometimes think its one of these. ahah, like the first ninja wrote it originally but by now it’s become it’s own thing. 

it doesnt steal souls but it hold memories, and since the ninja doodles have a personality of their own, like ,consiousnesses?? i think it’s kinda vast inside, with a lot of personalities hell bent on teaching randy shit. 

i can see the nomicon becoming some kind of lovecraftian horror if you like mess with it, like if it fell into the sorcerer’s hands or something hahah 

i also think of the nomicon as kinda a military like thinker, i think it sees Randy as a soldier, it did basically tell randy to lay down his life for the sake of good n stuff. i dont think it has any qualms about randy dying in battle. 

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